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All visitors of our website are bound by below terms and conditions. If you do not agree with any of the set bellow provisions, further access of our website www.pay724.com is prohibited.

This website provides mobile top up services through our payment website www.pay724.com and associated pay724 mobile applications Android and iOS.

By using our website and by clicking “Sign Up” at registration, you expressly agree to be bound by the terms and conditions applicable to the Services provided by pay724, and the terms of pay724 Privacy and Cookies Statement. If you do not agree with any of the specified above provisions please note further access is prohibited.


Pay724 cannot warrant that all information made available on our website is accurate, complete or suitable for any purpose. The content may also include errors for which we do not undertake responsibility, unless so provided by the governing law. All information is solely meant to familiarize our visitors with top-up procedure, supported countries and costs.

Registration and Password

Prior to top-up procedure with pay724 all our customers have to register in the Sign Up menu. We will request you to fill out the appropriate information in the registration form. For a proper account registration we will request your valid email address and password.

Using that information our system will generate a unique access link, which will be sent to the provided email address. For further access to the top-up menu customers are kindly asked to validate their account by clicking the link in their email box. The responsibility for all activities in connection to your email and password is not subject of our responsibility other than within pay724 portal. We kindly advise all our customers to secure their password by all appropriate means. If you are aware of any unauthorized use of your email address and/or password you must notify us immediately by sending an immediate notice to support@pay724.com.

Please note that each email and password are not transferable and must be used only by a single user. In case you forgot your password you should visit “Forgot Password” in the “Login” pop up window which allows to generate a new password, which will be sent to customer's email.

Top-Up and Cost

After completing a successful Log in, customers may proceed to the top-up itself in the Top-Up menu. At this stage they'll be required to choose the country code and to input the mobile phone number that the top-up will be sent to. After that we'll request credit card information. We must insist that all our customers use only personal credit cards. Otherwise top-up shall be regarded as fraud.

All valid accounts which were introduced erroneously shall be toped-up under general procedure and are not subject to payment cancelation. The responsibility for the wrong number and credit card falls under customer’s responsibility. Thus we advise all our customers to make sure all input data is accurate.

Every Top-Up will be charged. The charge will depend on the amount of Top-Up that you wish to send. The charge will be clearly displayed on the website before you are asked to confirm the transaction. After the transaction Top-Up sender will get an email confirmation that the transaction was processed. Meanwhile the mobile operator will send an SMS to the recipient of the Top-Up.

Credit Card transaction

You can purchase Top-Up using Visa or MasterCard. To make a successful transaction your credit card or debit card must have valid billing address and valid card issuing bank. Customer Credit Card will be debited only after confirmation. All debits from your card that where provided by you using your account and your password through the website are solely authorized by the client.


Any data loss or damage including without limitation, mediated or subsequent loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of, or in connection with, the use of Pay724 website it is not under Pay724 responsibility, and it shall not be liable for those consequences if none of the above stated events.

Intellectual property

All postings on www.pay724.com in regard to our services, photographs, texts are wholly owned are protected by Copyright law and cannot be subject to reproducing, multiplying and publication for commercial purposes.

Access termination

Customers may access and view the content on www.pay724.com on electronic devices and utilize the content only for top-up purposes. Commercial use or any other fraudulent action in connection to our data is strictly prohibited. If we consider that our visitor has not complied with these terms and conditions, for any reason we shall take it as abuse and we may terminate further possibility to access our web page without prior notification.

Refund Policy

All Top-Up transactions are realtime and there is no refund or exchange permitted. All valid accounts which were introduced erroneously shall be toped-up under general procedure and are not subject to payment cancellation or refund. The responsibility for the wrong number and credit card falls under customer’s responsibility. Thus we advise all our customers to make sure all input data is accurate. The refund will be made only in case where the transaction has been completed by the customer on the web site, and the money has been charged to the bank card, but the Top-Up was not delivered to the mobile account, for the reasons like invalid/not active mobile account, mobile operator connection error and/or other technical issues. In this case, usually money are refunded automatically to the bank card. In case the where the bank card was charged, but the top up was not delivered and no refund was made, please contact us by email support@pay724.com and our support team will investigate the issue. We advise all our customers to double check all input data and only after that to confirm the payment.

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