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Sending a loved one a gift does not have to be expensive. It just needs to be reasonably priced, valued and simple. The more it has the above characteristics the more practical it is. We Connect Africa believe in practicality as our measure of value for spending your money with us.

Time is Precious

It does not have to take you too long to get your gift to your receiver. At We Connect Africa, we know that when you decide to gift someone it should not be time consuming to deliver. This is why we have considered the speed of delivery and we use the very latest technology to serve you.


We aim to make the user experience memorable and easy to follow. We live in an age of too much technology and simplicity of the user journey is key. We have made it as easy as possible but still remain compliant and capture just enough information to serve you. We have just three pages to visit and you are done. We also offer a bank payment/ manual service


We are nothing without your trust. We Connect Africa want to earn your trust as we serve you. That is why we aim to provide excellent customer service and use a safe website with a trusted card processing company for your peace of mind.

How it Works?

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Frequently Asked Questions

We Connect Africa is a fully online service, which enables instant mobile top-up to any prepaid mobile phone, worldwide with a specific focus on Africa connectivity. It is simple to use, fast and secure. Our customers only select the operator and amount and we will deliver the top-up in seconds. We Connect Africa is a perfect way to take care of your loved ones at home. Use We Connect Africa to let them know you are thinking about them even when so far apart.
Sending top-up is quite inexpensive and we promise to offer you the most competitive prices in the market depending on the exchange rates and fixed rates we get. To know how much it will cost just enter the number of the subscriber and select the product you want. You will then be informed of the cost to purchase.
First thing you need to do is click on register on our web site. Once you complete the registration form, the system sends an account activation link to your email address. Activate your account and start enjoying the service. We don’t recommend asking third parties to register you on the website. Disclosing your confidential information to third parties will make your account vulnerable.
We don’t reimburse funds that are sent to a wrong account. If you completed a payment operation using a wrong number, we cannot reimburse you the money. In such cases it will be necessary to contact directly the user whose number you topped-up.
The system blocks automatically the user account after 3 unsuccessful login attempts. In order to unblock it, please contact our support service using our contact form.
Click the option "Forgot password?" located on the login page. The system will send a one-time new password to your email. Please use it to reset your password.
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