How it Works

It is very simple to purchase our International top up crediting, UK airtime crediting or UK discounted International Calling Card service or International Pinless calling service.

For International instant recharging of airtime to any of your loved ones, friends, associates or your very own mobile you have a number of options.

  • You can perform the crediting/recharging to your preferred mobile recipient through your own recharge dashboard which we will credit with electronic funds once you have requested us.
  • You can contact us to perform the crediting for you and the international airtime will be credited as soon as funds are received.
  • You can visit or call any of our agents across the country and online to perform the international airtime recharge operation on your behalf once payment is received.

click the contact us page to call us or email us and we will create your account or visit any of our agents listed in the agents page here.

If you use the agency model then get in touch with the agent:
1. Inform them how much international airtime credit top-up you intend to have sent.

2. You will be notified the equivalent amount to pay which you will need to transfer to the agent account, pay by card or pay cash before the transaction is completed

3. Provide the agent with the international subscribers mobile number to load the international airtime top-up into.

4. Instantly, the mobile subscriber will receive the airtime which can be used immediately.

For UK Top-up crediting Pins and discounted UK International Calling Cards you will need to follow the steps above too.

For Pinless International Calling

You can either click on the buy now option below all our products at the shop or Contact us via this website by clicking here
1. We will call you back and set up your account for the first time and talk you through future top-up credit loading process.

2. Have your card details ready and we will charge the credit/debit card.

3. You will receive a text message with an access number that you will call to access the available credit to make calls to any country in the world.

4. Log back in by visiting our website and clicking shop, selecting your country of choice and follow the process we explained to you at the start.

5. We are always happy to help and we love talking to our customers so you can call us back and we will run the top-up for calling credit again at no extra cost.