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We exist to simplify communication for migrants and diaspora community in the UK to African countries and recently we have included Asian countries. We connect Africa with UK.

The core services are:
1. Cheapest International mobile top up also known as Instant mobile airtime for UK customers to recharge or send to a loved one, friends, associates and more anywhere in the world. We are the cheapest or we will match any competitor in UK.  Ever wondered where you can buy international top-up to recharge a mobile phone anywhere in the world especially with mobile data becoming increasingly desireable. Look no further.

2. Paying Bills or Mobile Money Bill Payments for certain services. Currently only serving Nigeria Bill Payment.

3. Generating instant calling card pins at discounted prices to facilitate calling African and Asian countries including other parts of the world. The discount means you pay cheaper than the calling card face value. If you struggle to get International prepaid phone cards in UK then try us. We deliver it straight to your mobile phone.

4. Connecting subscribers to a Pinless International Calling service for UK customers to call any country in the world at very low cheaper international calling charges. No hidden charges or connection fees.

We achieve cheaper instant international airtime top-up crediting, generation of discounted calling card pins and paybill services through our UK agency model. Visit our page on how it works for more details. Pinless International Calling is possible online by selecting your country here